About Me

My name is Iestyn Evans AKA Bigevs as I'm 6'6' tall and 20ish stone ex rugby player. Proud father of 3 children. 

I found myself looking for another way to make extra money rather than working 50-60hrs week. 

I'm just a normal person who has had some setbacks in life but with help from family, friends and my mentors I've come through it and now willing to pass on my knowledge to help others in life. My goal in life is to help others as giving is the best feeling ever. So I've changed my goals to suit and benefit my family and help you achieve freedom to spend more time with our families and friends. 

If I could pass my experience or even share the tough times in my life so you never give up no matter what happens. 

Success is usually closer than you think...... 

Sometimes it's just around the corner so never give up on your dreams no matter what happens.... 

If you give up on your dreams you will never succeed and not taking action in life means one thing.............NOTHING CHANGES!!!!!!!!


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